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    The Elevated Wood Design Journey - Looking Ahead

    One night near Christmas of 2016, Scott and I sat down with our son Matt and his wife Brittany. What started as fun business talk between Scott and Matt had then become a more serious discussion with all four of us. Scott enjoyed building beautiful wooden boxes and trays for his family who used essential oils and we all loved them; so why couldn't we share these with others? We decided we should try! In February of 2017, we launched our Etsy shop.

    Fast forward to today and you'll see that our shop has grown beyond what we thought possible. We've sold thousands of trays, boxes, and displays to wonderful Etsy customers who have shown nothing but support and love to us and our products. Each positive review and encouraging message has motivated us to develop new products, optimize our Etsy shop, and recently expand our reach through this new website.

    Our EWD family looks to the future in excitement as we continue to consider the potential we have ahead of us. Here are a few of the things we're currently cooking up that you can look forward to.


    Expanding our brand beyond Etsy

    Etsy has been and continues to be a great place to find customers for our business. With opening an additional website, we gain more flexibility in how we communicate with our community. We also get to venture into the deeper waters of Google & Facebook marketing that may help us build out and up.


    New product development

    Scott is in the workshop, dreaming up and testing new product ideas every week. When we land on a great idea and the prototype meets our standards of quality and function, we release it to you!

    We love any and all feedback you have for us and our products, as often happens, your input directs us to the next great idea for a new product. Our Essential Oil Diffuser Stand and our Essential Oil AromaTouch Display are just two of many examples of what products were inspired by customer requests.


    More interaction with you

    Up until this point, we really only hear from you via Etsy message and social media comments. We've been looking for more ways to communicate, which is why we have created this new blog and will be developing an email subscriber list. We hope to stay connected with you as we consider that connection (between us and our customers) as one of the most important factors in our success.


    If you have any questions or would like to connect with us for any business related reasons, you can email us at

    - Debbie Neubert, Owner